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This site was originally set up to fight 3 of 5 zoning variances proposed by the FBC development at Sagamore Trail and Mohegan Ave that eliminates two single family homes while nearly quadrupling the parking and occupancy loads of the old Lakeland Jewish Center. That effort failed and the application is currently before the Planning Board.

While Save Mohegan Lake will continue to update you on that issue, we are moving on to all issues affecting the lake, such as Mohegan Lake Improvement District (MLID) meetings, agenda and budget. This site is not an official mouthpiece for MLID, but some updates will be provided on this site; the official site is located here.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Public Hearing Tuesday 2/16/2016 For Lexington Ave. Major Up-Zoning

Update 2/16/2016:  The Town Board has not released and agenda for tonight's meeting, but the word on the street is that there will be a work session on March 8th, 2016 regarding the Lexington Avenue re-zoning proposal.  Please adjust your calendars accordingly and--remember--work sessions are NOT televised.  

So this is what we know:

The Town Board is considering a major re-zoning of a single acre lot.  It goes from R1-20 (Yortown's smallest relative to lot area, single family zone) to R-3 (the densest, most multi family you could imagine)

The Town Board appears to have been lulled by the developer of unknown origins (certainly not from Yorktown) looking to FIT TWELVE (12) APARTMENTS ON A SINGLE ACRE (1) ON A SINGLE BLOCK OF SEVEN (7) SINGLE FAMILY HOMES (SOON TO BE 6).  Excuse me.  I think my caps lock got stuck there.  You can watch the February 2 video here.  

The red square is an island of 12 apartments amongst a sea of single family homes.  Please remember, our Town Board are elected officials and remember how they vote on this application.

My inclination is to layout my entire argument against such a radical re-zoning here, in this space, because it's such a crazy, crazy proposal, but that's not the proper way to convey such sentiment to the Town of Yorktown Town Board.  You can do that yourself by showing up on Tuesday night and educating the Town Board on  the finer points of how this rezoning is basically a handout to a developer to create a dozen section 8 apartments next to George Washington Elementary School (I have 4 girls in the district, so I'm a bit biased).  Or you could just email the Town Board your comments; this link has their email addresses. 

It's bad for the homeowners on the block.  It's bad for GWES. It's bad for Yorktown as a whole.  There are a lot of R1-20 zones around town.  You may live in one.  Imagine if some random lot on your block, say it's an acre--give or take, and then all the sudden you HAVE TWELVE APARTMENTS LOOKING INTO YOUR BACK, SIDE, OR FRONT YARD.  Sorry, caps lock is malfunctioning tonight.  Imagine if the proposed 9+ acre subdivision on Hunterbrook, instead of going from a single family home to 9 single family homes, was going to a nine acre lot with 108 apartments.  Never gonna happen.  Shouldn't happen here--if our elected officials do their jobs.

In summary, pay attention to the Town of Yorktown Town Board.  Especially up here in Mohegan Lake. It's frustrating that we even have fight something like this.  You would expect the Town Board to have our back, not some faceless developer looking to allow blight to bleed into Yorktown. 


Unknown said...

Dear Evan,
This needs to be publicized more than it has been. There are many people in Yorktown who are concerned about the increase in low income housing in this town. Write letters to the editor at Yorktown examiner, yorktown news and yorktown daily voice. I would even send a letter to Lo hud , especially since the board just recently approved low income housing for the center of Yorktown Hts. Why do we need so much Section 8 housing in our town? Do we have quotas to fill?
The public needs to ask questions and demand answers from the board.
1. What is the name of the applicant who was at the previous meeting? Who is the RPG? What other developments have they completed? Have they made any campaign contributions?
2.Precedents- Are there any other examples of a similar rezoning in Yortktown? What about the two adjacent parcels to this site? The board mentioned that they were thinking about rezoning those as well? why isn't this being considered together instead of piecemeal? If the board approves this rezoning a dangerous precedent will be set for the two adjacent parcels as well as other parcels in town.
3.Mr Tegeder should be questioned by a "bulldog" lawyer. His statements were deliberately vague.
4. The board deliberately moved the hearing for West restorative to March 1. Both public hearings were originally scheduled for the same night. Both hearings are related and will have a direct impact on the area. The public needs to demand that this hearing NOT be closed on tuesday especially since the West Rest parking issues will not be heard until a later date.

Maura Gregory said...

EveandEric, I like you but you are spreading fear about poor people with your section 8 comment. And there are apartments across the street from this

Evan Bray said...

Hi Maura,

I think you meant to write "Evan," right?

I'm not spreading fear, I'm calling it like it is; that's exactly what that is going to be, they just won't come out and say it. It's bizarre to me that the town would consider a single parcel of "about an acre" to become 12 rental apartments. Imagine if that's what you got across the street at the zombie house next to the field. 12 apartments on that acre lot.

The entire zone around there is R1-20, half acre single family plots. There is no apartment in Yorktown zoned anywhere near this lot which is located on a solid block of single family homes.

And regarding the the apartments across the street, THEY ARE NOT IN YORKTOWN. It is outside their jurisdiction and has absolutely no bearing on their duty to represent the taxpayers of Yorktown. The Town Board has a duty to preserve the essential character of the Town's small residential zones in considering this rezone. R1-20 is the smallest. R-3 is literally the biggest (most dense). Did they consider R1-50, or R-1? A two family dwelling on an acre? Perhaps that's appropriate. This is a handout to a developer and a detriment to all of the home owners within a stone's throw.

I like you too Maura, but we often disagree; in this instance, I am going to do everything I can to arm the residents who bought a single family home on a single block with 7 single family homes to fight this ridiculous proposal.


Evan Bray said...

Show me a single acre lot with twelve apartments in Yorktown. Not just south of 202, but anywhere. The condos are R-3, but they are not even close to that dense. Way too dense though, for the record.

marisa ragonese said...

totally egregious; i think public housing in westchester is necessary and important but frankly, Mohegan lake is overdeveloped and there's totally a connection between that overdevelopment and it not being an affluent community. This is bullshit. Let them go build a bunch of apartments on one little land parcel in croton or chappaqua.

Evan Bray said...


I don't know you, but I'm doing a high-five to you through the 'puter. Right now.



Unknown said...

The deciding factor , IMHO, will be the interpretation of the Comprehensive Plan(
Mr Tegeder clearly stated that this project does not comply with the Land Use part of the Comp Plan. (Chapter 2).
How it complies with the housing section is beyond me?

The other issue regarding affordable housing in town is that this housing is not guaranteed for the many Yorktowners that need it. The housing will be available to the open market and no preferences will be given to local residents who may have falllen on hard times and want to stay within the town. It will not increase the tax base, only the burden on the school district.

It would be good to get crime stats for the Cortlandt rentals across the street.

You need to press the board to reveal their true intentions for the two adjacent lots. It looks as if they want to develop the whole strip between the school and the nursing home.