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This site was originally set up to fight 3 of 5 zoning variances proposed by the FBC development at Sagamore Trail and Mohegan Ave that eliminates two single family homes while nearly quadrupling the parking and occupancy loads of the old Lakeland Jewish Center. That effort failed and the application is currently before the Planning Board.

While Save Mohegan Lake will continue to update you on that issue, we are moving on to all issues affecting the lake, such as Mohegan Lake Improvement District (MLID) meetings, agenda and budget. This site is not an official mouthpiece for MLID, but some updates will be provided on this site; the official site is located here.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

"But Mr. Dalfino can correct that if it's incorrect."

I call upon Mr. Dalfino (project architect) to correct Mr. Capellini's (project attorney) misrepresentation of the facts.

Fact: The site in question is currently three separate tax lots. There are two single family homes and a very small house of worship (15' high) on those three tax lots. Combining those three tax lots, demolishing the two single family homes and small house of worship in order to build a new mega church (37' high, 4 story) and youth center.

How is demolishing two single family homes, to building a 4 story mega church and parking lot in keeping with the character of the neighborhood? Mr. Dalfino, please set the record straight.

They approved a variance for an existing single family home which encroaches 15 feet into a required 30 foot rear yard. Then, they allowed the developer to demolish that home, along with the adjacent house of worship, and another single family home on the other side of the church . After all three 1 story structures are completely removed--foundation and all--they feel it is appropriate to combine those three tax lots into one super lot and apply the rear yard variance they just granted to the single family home to a brand new 4 story, 37 foot high mega church.

If this variance stands, mark my words, I will sell my house to the church for parking. I own 1/2 acre immediately adjacent to the three lots they wish to combine. It's the only way this proposal could possibly work, from a responsible city planning aspect.

One of the variances that the ZBA granted allows the church rise 37 feet, 2 feet higher than zoning allows. While current zoning laws allow height of 35 feet, it MUST be noted that such a gesture would fly in the face of the neighborhood as it has existed since the 1920's. Demolishing 2 single family homes to create a 4 story mega church is offense to the spirit of this area. These variances subvert the very zoning laws that were put in place to control the density of residential communities.

We object--wholeheartedly--to granting a variance to allow a new building, created on three combined tax lot, a variance to encroach 15 feet (50%) into a required 30 foot rear yard. Especially when it's been proven that the proposed parking spaces, for the new development, would not satisfy the parking needs of the occupants in their current form!

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