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This site was originally set up to fight 3 of 5 zoning variances proposed by the FBC development at Sagamore Trail and Mohegan Ave that eliminates two single family homes while nearly quadrupling the parking and occupancy loads of the old Lakeland Jewish Center. That effort failed and the application is currently before the Planning Board.

While Save Mohegan Lake will continue to update you on that issue, we are moving on to all issues affecting the lake, such as Mohegan Lake Improvement District (MLID) meetings, agenda and budget. This site is not an official mouthpiece for MLID, but some updates will be provided on this site; the official site is located here.

We do it all here, so long as it's Mohegan Lake related. Feel free to submit comments, content, garage sale notices, police blotters, PSA's, essays on the virtues of our 105 acre ice rink, rants, raves, etc... We love it all.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The new development requires a sewer connection to get planning and environmental approvals.  They have graciously offered the surrounding community a "dry" sewer pipe that would parallel their private sewer line.  We still need a site for the tank and pump house required to make it actually work.  This is something the church is not responsible for, nor should they be.  It is an opportunity to open a dialogue with the town about our sewer situation. 

 The vast majority of the community that surrounds the proposed new development has no sewer service.  We do, however, pay a sewer tax.  I understand that we "voted" ourselves into a sewer district.  They ran into trouble finishing the system and here we are today with no plan to ever finish the project.  Yet they gladly keep taking our tax money to pay for a service we are not provided.  I'm sure there's a lot of nuance in the law, but that smells like taxation without representation, if you ask me. 

If we, the Mohegan Lake community, are wise, we should lobby the town to at least formulate a plan.  A 5, 10, 15, 25? year plan to get us set up with modern sanitary services--THAT WE PAY FOR ALREADY.  The proposed new development provides us a golden opportunity to get some kind of commitment and the church's gracious offer provides us a foot in the door.  Even if it's just lip service, I think it's important the town recognize the issue formally.

Write the town board.  Write the town engineer.  Write the town supervisor.  Let them know this issue is important to you. 

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