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While Save Mohegan Lake will continue to update you on that issue, we are moving on to all issues affecting the lake, such as Mohegan Lake Improvement District (MLID) meetings, agenda and budget. This site is not an official mouthpiece for MLID, but some updates will be provided on this site; the official site is located here.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

What Is Camp Nabby Up To?

Good question.  I'm glad you asked.

Camp Nabby has been an institution in the neighborhood for a long time.  Most of the people in the immediate neighborhood don't utilize it because it's like 4 or 5 thousand dollars (if I'm not mistaken) for an 8 week camp; thankfully Mohegan Lakers can camp out at one of our 7 private beach associations 5 months of the year. 

There is a bit of a traffic issue when dropping off, and picking up, kids during Camp Nabby season.  And by a bit, I mean it gets crazy.  Cars queuing for blocks along the street.  If an expansion of the existing buildings would increase the occupant load, it would be reasonable to request the owner to provide more on-site parking and queuing so the adjacent property owners don't get the shaft.

The signs you see on their property mean they have a pending zoning variance application.  They are pretty substantial--on paper.  A rear yard setback (meaning the houses on Holly Wood Street) of 20 feet where ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY FEET are required in an R1-10 zone (our town's smallest residential zone).

In summary, this may not be a big deal and it could be harmless, but this is why we need to pay attention to the tiny black and white Zoning, Planning, and Town Board applications along the side of the road. They are important. [Note: it's hard to stay current with Yorktown's business.  Of the last 57 public meetings going back to October 19, 2015, there are five published meeting minutes online.

I implore the Town Board to move Yorktown Forward and keep minutes of the town business current, but I digress.

So what is Camp Nabby up to? Anyone know? 

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Crystal Mansfield said...

I LOVE Camp Nabby and I am probably going to call them soon to enroll the boys for another summer so I am sure I can get more info but for right now the only construction I am aware of is them reconstructing the pool.. it was 67 years old and even in its great condition needed to be redone.. It was a huge project.. Rita and Joe are very nice and would have no problem if you called and inquired about the property and the construction.. The traffic is horrible and I understand the frustration with that.. They have pick up times for each age group to help with the traffic but people suck and don't listen. They really do try to express to have respect for the neighbors. I really am glad that they are close and my kids have such a great experience there that they have made my return to work a little less harder on my heart.